Franchising is a viable alternative for the entrepreneur to start a new business and avoid some of the dangers facing a new enterprise by adopting a proven formula. Batal is a leading furniture franchise professional! We have a lot to offer to our franchisees.

We have traced our steps repeatedly, refined and redefined the product, and analyzed all of the details. The groundwork has been very carefully laid to make our method of selling simple and effective for a perfect solution to our customer every time, so that customers will at once recognize and appreciate the quality, consistency and lifestyle image associated with Batal Design.

In a truly franchise environment, although you own the business, you are not alone.
You can benefit from an infrastructure that is not available to the independent businessperson.

However, you must be able to function within a business format that someone else has designed and have the ability to resist to the temptation of redesigning the business.

You must be able to accept the sound advice and guidance of Batal Design gathered from many years in the furniture and franchise business.

Our essential goal of our franchising system is to provide to our franchisees the skills and knowledge that will make their operations effective immediately. You should not have to learn by your mistakes.

We consider your success as our success, we therefore guide you from the qualitative issues to the financing issues, assisting you to anticipate all costs and evaluate several market scenarios, you are not alone, you are part of a team which can support you on your operations and future strategy, as a franchise, our recipe is tested and growing rapidly.

We've worked with many franchisees in the past and we have the knowledge as well as the products and concept to help you make a difference in your future plans.

Our involvement with our franchisees goes beyond the seller and buyer relationship, It extends to long term business partnerships, evolving from shared vision and strategies.

However we must both know and understand clearly that success is never easy. There is no shortcut to success; anything else is just a fanciful illusion. Success comes after continuous effort, hard work and devotion. This is our only way to experience real success. If you'd like to talk to us about your business plans and dreams within our franchise, we'll gladly listen.

For franchise enquiries please contact us at: / Nancy Deaibes    01804803 ext: 502

or visit Batal Design Holding Website here.